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Level 3 Integrated Diploma in Business and Managements

Level 3 Integrated Diploma in Business and Managements


36 weeks




level 2


16 years


level 2 or level 3 in any other subject



Course Description: -

Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management qualification enable learners with a great base to make a career in the field of business and get jobs in money and progress oriented sector. This course is designed to make every learner - a confident person who can think independently and use his skills and knowledge of business and management to make a difference in his area of work.

Credit Hours and Qualification Time: -

120 Credits

Course Modules:


  • An Introduction to the Business Environment
  • Introduction to business environment is a unit designed to introduce the students to the principles and functions of business. Also, it is to provide the students with a basic overview of the business environment. Analysing and studying also will be assisting by the students with a providing background. Besides, it is to acquaint the students with the various functional areas of the firms: economics, management, marketing, human relations, finance, business law and how these interact.

  • Business Resources
  • This unit explain how business resources are the basic factors of production, and inputs into the production process in each organization. The concept of business economy, namely, the efficiency (productivity) management and when costing, business resources are divided into: Human Resources.

  • An Introduction to Marketing
  • In this unit the learners will gain knowledge about marketing as an act of facilitating the exchange of a given commodity for goods, services, and/or money to deliver maximum value to the consumer. Marketing satisfies these needs and wants through both the exchange processes and building long-term relationships.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management, or HRM, is the practice of managing people to achieve better performance. For example, if you hire people into a business, you are looking for people who fit the company culture as they will be happier, stay longer, and be more productive than people who won't fit into the company culture.

  • Business Communication
  • The aim of this unit is to enable students to understand the Business communications the process of sharing information between employees within and outside a company. Effective business communication is how employees and management interact among each other to reach organizational goals and be more aligned with the core company values.

  • Understanding Health and Safety in the Business Workplace
  • The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop knowledge of the legislation and regulations relating to health and safety in a business workplace in order to conduct an audit and carry out a risk assessment. ... This involves keeping up to date with information on the legal issues that affect safe working practices.

  • Managing Business Operations
  • Operations management is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. Operations management is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible.

  • An Introduction to Finance
  • The learners will learn about Finance, which is a system that involves the exchange of funds between the borrowers and the lenders and investors. It operates at various levels from firms to global to national levels. An introduction to finance will provide a basic idea of how the finance sector works.

  • An Introduction to Leadership Skills
  • Introduction of Leadership unit will help the learners to understand about Leadership, which is the process of actions and operations, creativity, and emotions of mind, body, and soul. A leader is the one who inspires (Self/Others) for the fulfillment of the mind, body, nature, and the activities of the environment to a particular purpose in business, career, and life.

  • Organisational Culture
  • The learners will understand the idea of Organizational culture, which is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.

  • Workplace Welfare
  • Welfare facilities cover a wide range of basic health, safety and welfare issues. They are intended to protect the health and safety of everyone in the workplace and to ensure that adequate welfare facilities are provided for people at work.

  • Thinking Entrepreneurially
  • This module explores what it means to think like an entrepreneur and how individuals in all types of organisations can use entrepreneurial practices to solve problems and create value.

    Duration: -

    6 - 9 Months

    Delivery: - -

    Online; Available Offline as well with different fee structure.

    Intake: -

    Flexible for Online

    Entry Requirements: -

    Entry to the qualification will be through centre interview and learners will be expected to hold the following:

    • qualifications at Level 2 and/or
    • work experience in a business environment and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals
    • Level 3 qualification in another discipline and want to develop their careers in management
Progression: -

Qualifi Level 4 qualification or Year 1 of UK University

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