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Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Cares

Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Cares


1 year




LEVEL 4 or managerial experience


19 year



Course Description: -

This course will enable learners to work in the same field but at a managerial level. By pursuing this course the learners will gain Health and Social Care Management qualification. The learners will gain care management skills by utilising their previous knowledge in the field of health and social care and demonstrate those skills in their work and training activities.

Credit Hours and Qualification Time: -

120 Credits

Course Modules: -


  • Principles Underpinning Health and Social Care
  • The Learners’ will be able to recognise the moral and ethical issues of health and social care practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.

  • The Management of Quality in Health and Social Care
  • Quality management is important process in health care organization that helps to maintain the effectiveness in terms of products and offering of services to users. Quality management ensures safety and consideration of factors that are essential for dealing with the different situations.

  • Research Project
  • It is very important to conduct this research project to understand how to deal with that in real life situation while working in the field of health and social care.

  • Partnership working in Health and Social Care
  • Partnership working in health and social care brings together separate organisations so that they can benefit from pooled expertise, resources and power sharing. The goal of a partnership is to enhance the efficiency and quality of service provision. All partners are working towards a common goal.

  • Working with Service users with Complex Needs
  • A growing number of people are living with complex care needs characterized by multimorbidity, mental health challenges and social deprivation. Required is the integration of health and social care, beyond traditional health care services to address social determinants. This unit deals with the key care components to support complex patients and their families in the community.

Duration: -

8 Months

Delivery: - -

Online; Available Offline as well with different fee structure.

Intake: -

Flexible for Online

Entry Requirments: -

  • Learners who possess Qualifications at Level 3 and/or 4
  • Learners who have work experience at a managerial level and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals
  • Learners who possess a first degree in another discipline and want to develop their careers in health and social care or business

Progression: -

Final year of UK University Honours Degree

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