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 Level 7 Diploma in Executive Managements

Level 7 Diploma in Executive Managements


1 year




level 6


21 year



Course Description: -

Level 7 Diploma in Business Executive Management is aimed at those who are seeking middle and executive level opportunities in medium or large organisations. This qualification will provide access and progression in learning within the management, leadership and strategy vocational area. It will also improve Learners career development opportunities, enhancing their career prospects in their chosen area of employment.

The scope of this qualification is to cover the basic business functions and aims to provide an overall study of core organisational issues that executive management would be expected to take responsibility for. The qualification is for the interested learners who want to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of organisations.

Credit Hours and Qualification Time: -

120 Credits

Course Modules:

Mandatory: -

  • Corporate Strategy
  • This unit is aimed at developing learners’ critical analysis of corporate strategy and the role of supply chains in a global context. It explores how functional strategies are integrated and the relationship between strategy and organisation. It also requires learners to demonstrate professional skills that enable effective business management at the strategic level. The unit will examine theoretical and conceptual frameworks and their use in evaluating and recommending practical applications in business areas such as market entry, internationalization, global sourcing, globalization, alliances and corporate growth.

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy
  • This unit addresses the issues around making investment decisions and corporate finance at the global level. It highlights strategic approaches, risk and needs for maintaining working capital. The unit explores different capital structures, foreign exchange options and corporate finance, restructuring. Learners will be expected to use case study material to explore these issues and be able to manipulate financial information.

  • Human Resource Practice, Leadership and Managing People
  • The aim of this unit is to critique the skills, value and contribution of human resource management and development practitioners, and leaders for the effective operation of organisations. Learners will gain insight into HR and leadership practices and techniques and examine relevant theory. The need for expertise and professionalism amongst HR practitioners and how ethics and culture in organisations might be affected is also considered. The unit requires learners to be aware of contemporary research, debate and thinking on HR and leadership.

  • Global Trade and its Impact on Strategy
  • The unit looks at contemporary trade and trade issues as they affect organisations. It examines the impact of globalisation, the internet, politics and ethics on business behaviour and business success.

  • Research, Problem Solving and Business Reporting
  • The unit will develop learners’ use and understanding of research methods and using research evidence. It will review relevant methods and theory connected with identifying and solving business problems as well as exploring the use of decision-making tools. Learners will be expected to develop and show competence in their business writing too by presenting reports that make use of relevant research evidence to support their propositions and recommendations.

  • Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management
  • The unit considers operations management and its contribution in supporting business objectives. It addresses quality and supply chain issues and how different organisations and industries make use of different systems, techniques and methods. Learners will be able to evaluate alternative operations management strategies to support business performance.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • The unit will investigate underlying models, techniques and theories that underpin marketing and can contribute to strategic objectives. It will also provide learners with a critical understanding of the marketing function within complex organisations.

  • Project Management
  • The unit will support learners in their appreciation of project management methods, techniques and tools. It will consider human, financial and other matters in project feasibility and how people, teams and risk is factored into project initiation and delivery.

Duration: -

9 Months

Delivery: - -

Online; Available Offline as well with different fee structure.

Intake: -

Flexible for Online

Entry Requirments: -

  • Level 6 Qualification or
  • First Degre
Progression: -

Dissertation to complete Master’s Degree at UK University

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